More on Stone Harbor Bound

Journey into the world of Stone Harbor, New Jersey, where Camille Pickett is struggling with big changes. Her partner Bridget has died, leaving Camille with grief and a small bungalow she inherited.

It’s July, the height of the season, and families are returning to Stone Harbor, setting up umbrellas and chairs on the sand, and board games and jigsaw puzzles on the porches of their beach houses — as they have for generations. Stone Harbor is changing, too, beloved old vacations homes are disappearing. And in their place come new people with new ideas about Stone Harbor and its value.

But rather than deal with the bungalow, Camille is drawn into the troubles of two young people she meets, Bridget’s niece Erin and a young cyclist from Baltimore, Owen Morton. What ensues is her questioning of many aspects of her life, including the meaning of family, and how love can endure conflict, illness, and addiction.

The mystery is that for so long she has been bound for—and bound to—Bridget’s beloved Stone Harbor.